Monday, October 28, 2013

Villa Serrano Group!

Villa Serrano! The final destination...
It is a small rural town 5 hours outside of Sucre. About 5 thousand in population. The territory we preach in involves this town:

Villa Serrano. This is the majority of it. We are also responsible for three other towns each about an hour away from each other. Those towns are called Padilla, Tomina, and Nuevo Mundo.

Preaching! The two on the far left are the special pioneers, Joel and Rocio from Santa Cruz. The next two to the right are two pioneer sisters from Potosi. Next is Jaime, one of the elders in the hall. After that, is Masato and Yoshiko, who live in Santa Cruz and they are from Japan. Then Javier. And lastly, is the legendary Deborah Mackay, who lives an hour away in Padilla. 

Door to door. Sitting down preaching in their courtyard. It is common for you to be invited in and occasionally offered some food or drink. Yea.. I had to kindly put my soup aside. 

A nice walk to the territory.

This is the "Lugar de Reuniones de Testigos de Jehova" Place of Meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not called a Kingdom Hall, since it's been a group of witnesses here. But that is about to change!

Ok, this is just a brief glimpse of the town. More to come later on...

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