Monday, October 28, 2013


Every Monday is a relax day after the Marathon on Sunday. So we went on a congregation hike to explore the surrounding regions of Villa Serrano.

Here are some pics from the excursion...

Javier - The Modern Man. With his cell phone in one hand and machete in the other.

Villa Serrano

El camino

Our group! Visitors from Japan that live in Santa Cruz, along with the Serrano/Padilla Crew.

Javier. King of the Mountain.

Joel and Rocio Pecho. The special pioneers.

Tree Jumping in the murky Rio Pescado. 

I spy a wild Elmer.

River crossing

To hold their young ones, the Bolivian women use the Aguayo blankets, which are always easy to spot because of the vibrant colors. 


  1. why didn't you take us to the tree jumping?! that would have been awesome! next time (=