Monday, October 28, 2013

Casa Verde

This post is dedicated to my home base here in Serrano. We have dubbed it, "Casa Verde" ... !

Everything here is a work in progress.. of course nothing is done. So when we first moved in, there was no guard rail. I was afraid my friend Javier would take a tumble off the ledge when he woke up in the morning. So after nagging the home-owner enough they finally got the job done.. a week later. haha

This is the kitchen. Epic isn't it... And this scene is featuring Javier showing Joel the wonders of technology. I really dislike technology... I have lost patience for it. But amazingly enough, Javier figured out how to get internet for us in the house, which he deserved much respect for. 

Our rooms. Guess who's is who's?

More views

Here's Casa Verde and all it's glory. We enter through that huge green door. It's a nice view as it sits higher up and being on the second floor. 

Yet it's still a work in progress... They just started putting up a roof in the big garage area. So there are crazy Bolivian dudes working here every day. But they're cool.

And this is the view outside on my BALCONY! Yea I'm pretty stoked to have a little balcony. Back in my Nicaragua days, there were so many memories on the balcony we had. The idea of having this little balcony makes me very excited.

This is Home Base. "Casa Verde" 
It is a comfortable spot, with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathroom. 

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