Monday, October 28, 2013

The Marathon

Every Sunday is a unique day of preaching. Adventurous, tiring, epic. All kinds of words...
There are four towns we preach in our territory. Villa Serrano, Padilla, Tomina, and Nuevo Mundo.
Sunday is dedicated to preaching in the towns of Padilla and Tomina. Here is the itinerary more or less... After catching a bus to Padilla at 6am, it arrives at around 7ish. After breakfast, we preach in the morning and afternoon... then mid-day we have lunch. 3:30pm we have a Public talk and Watchtower study for the brothers who live in Padilla, there are about 6. The meetings in Serrano are on Fridays and Saturdays. So this is an extra meeting on Sunday! After the meeting we leave around 5ish from Padilla. We take the "Flota" or bus, to the next town, Tomina. Preach and do return visits/studies till 8ish and at the end of the day, we make it back to Serrano at 10pm! So, that is why this day is known as "The Marathon."

Here are some photos of the special day of preaching in Padilla:

Padilla in the early morning.

House to house. Or Manzana to manzana. Just like Nicaragua, they call a block, manzana.

Joel's bible study in the marketplace. Notice he is using the "Listen to God" brochure. It is a powerful teaching tool and is very useful here.

The meeting in Padilla!

Taking the "Flota" (bus) from town to town. It's about an hour in between each trip. 

On the way from Padilla to Tomina in the early evening. Even though you are exhausted, you still keep going! The bus ride is good chance to rest up a bit before heading out to do more service.

In between each village, there is just open space and it really does feel like isolation. 

The Padilla day is awesome. And super-encouraging. Helping and encouraging the brothers in a far away town is incredible and it is the highlight of every week. 

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