Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saturdays with Eulterio

Saturday mornings now are a time of the week I really look forward to.
A few weeks ago the sisters found a man on the side of the road in the campos who was very interested in studying and coming to the meetings. His name is Eulterio. He lives an hour and a half away by foot in the campos.
He already came to the meeting once and now we take the trip to his house on Saturday to study with him.

Here are some photos from the last trip we took to study with Eulterio!

The road to get to Eulterio's house. It's a hike that's for sure.. walking over dried up rivers and mountain footpaths.
We visit the houses we pass by on the way. This cattle farmer was very kind. He couldn't hear very well, he was almost deaf, unless you yelled directly into his ear.

Next, Natali and I met David. He's Eulterio's neighbor. And his eyes lit up when he saw all the photos in the "Escuche a Dios" brochure. He loved it and said he wants to read the whole thing. We will stop by his house again next time we study with Eulterio.

Our little tour guide. After our visit with him, David was more than willing to lead the way to help us get to Eulterio's house.
Finally reaching the house in the campos. After about an hour and a half, we finally made it.
There he is, right where we were expecting him. He doesn't have a cell phone. So there's no way to confirm beforehand, to study or not. We just took the trip out based on his word. He said we should come on Saturday to study and that's what we did.
They were so kind. Giving us a rice soup with potatoes. You are always cautious... to eat from a house in the campo. #yolo.. we did it anyway. Hope I won't regret it.

Here we are. After a nice study using the Bible Teach book at Eulterio's home.
Every Saturday morning is a highlight of the week. Walking into the middle of nowhere to study with this man is fun and an awesome experience.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Songs from Serrano: 180 Degrees

First original tune I've made here in Bolivia. It's called "180 Degrees"

You can listen here:


Kingdom News in Nuevo Mundo

Nuevo Mundo Revisited!

This post is about our second trip to Nuevo Mundo, the smallest of the four towns we are assigned to preach in.
This time, it was to distribute the special Kingdom News #38 campaign tracts to everyone in town.

Here are some photos and experiences from that day...

It's always a highlight to preach in this picturesque little town.

Cristina, who is here for a year, from the city of Potosi, preaches to everyone who passes by on the street. 
Tiziana, from Switzerland, and Joel, leaving a campaign tract with a man on the mountainside.
Joel, Rocio, and Jaime, taking a breather. We go and visit every house to leave the campaign tracts.
This is the highlight experience of the day:
When we arrived in the morning to Nuevo Mundo, there were very few people in their homes. Which was unusual... We thought maybe most people were out in the campos. But as it turns out, we heard news that a man recently passed away in town. So the majority of the people in Nuevo Mundo were congregated at the house of the family of the recently deceased man. We took this opportunity to hand everyone at the house the timely information in the campaign tract! We truly got to see the Kingdom News #38 tracts in action that day. Jaime and I even got to go inside of the house and leave the tracts with the family members and speak briefly.

Of course, when you go to Nuevo Mundo, you're guaranteed to find more animals than people.
We managed to catch a ride back to Serrano in the back of a pickup. Much better option than wait for the bus that comes from Santa Cruz in the night.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Animal Friends

Let's check out all the animals you would most likely encounter in the Andean part of Bolivia...

Chanchos, chanchos, chanchos!! They are everywhere. I step right outside my door in the morning and there they are just wallowing and hobbling around.

Muchas ovejas. Bolivian sheep may not be pretty and dolled up like other places.. but they get the job done. 

Dogs love the roofs.  

Baby caballo

Joel holding a chick. We need lots of chickens around. So we can eat them.

The pink flamingos !! found in the lagunas of southern Bolivia.

The Bolivian squirrel. Pretty sure that's a chinchilla. But not positive cuz it looks different from the chinchillas from Peru. So whatever this squirrel creature is, it's munchin' away on some dried-up noodles.

Last but not least: The Andean Llama. They are EXTREMELY rude. They don't like us and immediately rejected our offers of friendship. Just look at Javier in the last pic. His heart is broken. How sad.
 But I still love those llamas. #teamllama


El Pueblito

This post is dedicated to give you more of a sense of the territory of our home base: Villa Serrano.  This is a collection of some views of the town.

 The "Puente Colgante" the suspended bridge that takes you over the river.

This is where we catch the bus to get to other towns/cities.

 Guess their pretty serious about littering here. Not too sure it works so well.

 The Hall.

This is the exit/entrance to Villa Serrano via the road to Sucre. As you leave you see the sign that says "Feliz Viaje"

This is the road I live on. My house is a short 5 minute stroll from here.

Villa Serrano is a great little town. Mountains are close by on both sides. It only takes about 15 minutes to climb up. There's rivers and farms. The rurals are a wonderful place to live.


As we are instructed to let everyone know that our Kingdom News #38 campaign is a global effort and everyone is receiving the same timely message, I thought it would be cool to show some photos of the work here in the rurals of Bolivia.

 Taking advantage of the Swiss sister's height to make sure the tract makes it in the house.

 Tiziana leaves a campaign tract with the sheep woman.

Joel and Rocio Pecho doing the campaign work just outside town.

 Making sure every passerby recieves a tract.

The milk farm. Preaching here, there might be a chance you could get pure milk straight from the cows.

 Lil' Josue from Padilla shows his enthusiasm for the campaign! He loves leaving the tracts in the doors.

The Villa Serrano congregation has to cover a bunch of towns with the campaign work. Villa Serrano itself, which we finished rather quickly, also Padilla, Tomina, and Nuevo Mundo! Not to mention all the houses in between the towns! Mucho trabajo.