Monday, October 28, 2013

Nuevo Mundo

NUEVO MUNDO.... New World ! This is the smallest of the four towns we preach in. About an hour away by bus. The little village is beautiful and green. It usually gets preached each month. Last Wednesday, we got the opportunity to spend the day there. Here are some photos:

Javier and Joel. And the green streets of Nuevo Mundo.

Muchos chanchos! Pigs everywhere.

The Bus Stop

One vehicle. Literally. Like in the whole town haha. You definitely feel like you're in the middle of nowhere in this place.

Roads of grass. Horses roaming free as you are preaching.

Door to Door

Javier and the Sisters

The territory is the entire town. But we manage to cover it all in a day! From 8am to 5pm. 

Casa de Los Chanchos! I want to take a baby chanchito home with me.  But when he grows he will be nasty and huge. Then I'll get rid of it. Or eat it. Or become attached to it, in which case we'll become best friends.


This is the entire town of Nuevo Mundo pretty much

As the sun sets we go to the main road and wait for a ride back to Serrano. Sometimes you have to wait a while since you never know when a truck or bus will come by. 

There we are at the end of the day.

The last bus of the day comes by at 8 or 9 at night. If no available trucks drive through the town, we must wait until that last bus. Which is what we did last Wednesday. 
At the end of the day, we are tired, but happy and encouraged for preaching in a town that rarely gets visited. I'm looking forward to going back.

Ciao ciao

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