Monday, March 3, 2014

Waca Huasi

This last week was the Circuit Overseer visit and several friends from Sucre came to give support to the week of activity in Villa Serrano. Saturday, we got the chance to head out into a small community called "Waca Huasi" right in the middle of Serrano and Padilla because the visitors have their own 4x4.

Here are some photos of the preaching trip out to this less-preached rural part of our territory.


 Through the corn field

Visiting couple living in Sucre. Jorge and Kerstin, from the German part of Switzerland.

Team Switzerland ! 

George at work. Making sure to speak to every passerby. Not ofter we get to speak to the people out here.

The Grand Army!

There is no escape when Debby is on duty! She spotted this woman tending her sheep way up the hill. She chased after her with true zeal. Also she wanted that photo opp with the sheep .. hahaha

Preaching in places we normally never reach. Many of the locals have never heard of Jehovah's Witnesses. A place only 45 minutes away from Villa Serrano. Because none of us have vehicles, makes it very difficult to reach. Imagine the possibilities if one owned a truck out here in the campos...

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  1. Hey j wonderful to read your post how exciting to be with brothers and sisters from other lands preaching and yes the WOMEN are a large army!!! I am so envious of you preaching there in bolivia wish we can be there!!! So happy for you that you are experiencing this with the friends there and helping in such a wonderful work proud and happy to know you keep up the good work! We miss you but we know you are working hugs for you and the friends there