Monday, March 3, 2014

Mud On The Tires

The title of this post is inspired by a country song from an artist I have no idea. It was the soundtrack of a video, Debbie, from Kentucky, who lives in Padilla, made about the very same subject. The road in between Serrano and Padilla. Since it's been the rainy season, the trip every Sunday to Padilla has been especially adventurous.

With rain, brings rivers, mud, and bus drivers who decide not to show up.

The river rose after the rains. We were all got out of the micro bus.

Some hero took his pants off and marched into the river in his undies to test out the depth.

Waiting ..

The epic moment when the bus crosses the river!

Everyone packed into the micro

There was one day when the micro bus driver didn't show up because it rained too hard. So we hired a private express truck. The road was so bad in one spot that we got sucked into the mud. It took a while, putting sticks and rocks under the wheels for traction, but we eventually got out.

The trip back to Serrano. This day we were offered a ride in a truck full of bags of corn and potatoes


  1. Stay dry and safe in that muddy mess!!!

  2. Life in the rurals! Can't beat it. I love how u all adapt - can't get there one way, go 2 plan b!

  3. Love your blog. Love hearing of the adventures!