Monday, March 3, 2014

"Keep It Clean"

It was time to fix up our Kingdom Hall and Place of Meeting in Serrano and Padilla. In February, we did some "big" renovations.

First, was the work we did in Padilla.
We had to switch our location for the Place of Meeting. Which required a decent amount of work to transform a beat up room into a respectable and well-kept place of worship.

Nothing a ton of paint can't fix

Myself and Claudia Mamani

Little Josue! The mastermind of the operation.

After painting the outside and hanging the sign. Our new "Lugar de Reuniones" in Padilla.

Inside. What a difference!

The legendary Deborah Mackay of Padilla
The Lugar de Reunion was ready to go by the time of the Circuit Overseer visit.

During the same time, we had the opportunity to put down tile in the Kingdom hall in Serrano. Tiling a floor can completely change a room and make it look 100 times better. It was well worth it.

A guy helping us out... using a grinder.
With two people laying down tile and one to make the cuts, we were able to finish the project in one day, using the limited tools we had here. Yup, no wet saws, no lasers, no nice spacers (had to use nails)

Forced to learn the old school methods. Setting string for guides.
The tile transformed the room. And made our Kingdom Hall much more elegant and respectable.


  1. What a beautiful Salon certainly a shout of praise to Jehovah's name in that corner of the earth! The brother are going to miss you but we will be happy to have you back!!!