Sunday, November 24, 2013

Goodbye Javier

I initially came to Bolivia with my buddy Javier Lemus who stayed for a month. Now he is gone.
This post is dedicated to him.

While he was here, Javi made the best of it and truly enjoyed the service and new experiences.

Alia, who was visiting a sister in our hall who lives in Padilla, Debby, also was leaving. So at the end of their last meeting, we sang them a Kingdom melody, and then they gave their going-away speeches. It was emotional.. tears were shed. And much hand gesturing going on. As you can see in both photos their hands in constant motion.

 We even got to fulfill one of Javi's goals, to teach everyone to play Ultimate Frisbee!! It's what we do on Long Island and it was a blast playing in the mountains of Bolivia, even though it's harder to run.

In Bolivia, even the animals are players. Even though their team participation skills are horrible. Nataly here is trying to reclaim the disc.

Javier was a huge help here in Bolivia and it was awesome having him. We all wish he didn't have to leave. I hope Jehovah continues to bless his efforts back home and keeps pursuing the "pioneer spirit" as he did here in Villa Serrano.

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