Sunday, November 24, 2013


As we are instructed to let everyone know that our Kingdom News #38 campaign is a global effort and everyone is receiving the same timely message, I thought it would be cool to show some photos of the work here in the rurals of Bolivia.

 Taking advantage of the Swiss sister's height to make sure the tract makes it in the house.

 Tiziana leaves a campaign tract with the sheep woman.

Joel and Rocio Pecho doing the campaign work just outside town.

 Making sure every passerby recieves a tract.

The milk farm. Preaching here, there might be a chance you could get pure milk straight from the cows.

 Lil' Josue from Padilla shows his enthusiasm for the campaign! He loves leaving the tracts in the doors.

The Villa Serrano congregation has to cover a bunch of towns with the campaign work. Villa Serrano itself, which we finished rather quickly, also Padilla, Tomina, and Nuevo Mundo! Not to mention all the houses in between the towns! Mucho trabajo.

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  1. Keep up the fine work bro...we are proud of you!