Sunday, November 24, 2013

Animal Friends

Let's check out all the animals you would most likely encounter in the Andean part of Bolivia...

Chanchos, chanchos, chanchos!! They are everywhere. I step right outside my door in the morning and there they are just wallowing and hobbling around.

Muchas ovejas. Bolivian sheep may not be pretty and dolled up like other places.. but they get the job done. 

Dogs love the roofs.  

Baby caballo

Joel holding a chick. We need lots of chickens around. So we can eat them.

The pink flamingos !! found in the lagunas of southern Bolivia.

The Bolivian squirrel. Pretty sure that's a chinchilla. But not positive cuz it looks different from the chinchillas from Peru. So whatever this squirrel creature is, it's munchin' away on some dried-up noodles.

Last but not least: The Andean Llama. They are EXTREMELY rude. They don't like us and immediately rejected our offers of friendship. Just look at Javier in the last pic. His heart is broken. How sad.
 But I still love those llamas. #teamllama


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  1. Bring home a teacup pig for me! They are so cute.