Sunday, January 19, 2014


While in the La Paz area, I took a half-day trip to the Tiwanaku ruins site, which date back to before the time of the Incas!

There are two dominating native peoples that you will find in Bolivia. The Aymara and the Quechua. They say the Quechua are the descendants of the Inca, and the Aymara are the descendants of the people of Tiwanaku.

Here are some photos of the ruins:

A neat monolith in the center of the Kalasasaya temple

That's some nice masonry work

I like the monoliths.. they remind me of the heads from Easter Island.. not quite the same. but still cool..

symmetry of kalasasaya temple

Creepy stone heads built into the temple walls.

Like the Inca, who came much later on, the Tiwanaku people knew how to make precision cuts in the stones.

Shama shama shama... after spending so much time with the Argentinians I've decided to pronounce my double "ll"s in Spanish as "sh" sounds like they do.


Had to include this pic.. One thing you can always be sure of when you go to a ruins site. Japanese tourists! I remember Machu Picchu was packed with Japanese visitors. And Tiwanaku was the same. I always get a kick when they see something interesting, like the llamas, and they all have the same mind, when they say in unison, "oooo photo photo photo!"

The view of Kalasasaya temple of Tiwanaku Ruins.
Next post will be the last and final phase of the almost month-long trip away from home in Villa Serrano. To a place called, Guanay.

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