Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lake Titicaca

The highest navigable lake in the world. Largest body of fresh water I've ever seen. Only place where I've looked at a snow-capped mountain range from the edge of a dock.

Been dreaming about visiting Lake Titicaca for a long time. Sort of a dream of mine. Always thought of the place as a sanctuary of peace where farmers and fisherman live quiet lives on islands. It was always a place I've admired.

A four hour bus ride from La Paz gets you to the touristy town of Copacabana, which is close to the Peruvian-Bolivian border. A part of the lake belongs to Bolivia. And the other part belongs to Peru.

Lake Titicaca from space. As you can see.. it's enormous! Even though Bolivia doesn't have access to an ocean, the lake is so huge it feels like an ocean. It's also amazing that it's 12,500ft above sea level!
Here are some photos of Lake Titicaca as seen from the Isla Del Sol, a popular spot.. they say it was the birthplace of the Inca.

Incan ruins. They aren't quite the same as Machu Picchu but unique in their own way, right on the Lake.

A peaceful 3 hour hike from the north side of the island to the south side.

"Internet" and "Pizzeria" signs everywhere. Ridiculous. Whenever you get to a tourist spot this is all you see. They think that's all us foreigners want.. Pizza and Interwebs... well it's partially true. I do love pizza and internet... but not Bolivian pizza. New York pizza of course.

Whenever I see an army of backpackers pile in all at the same time it makes me angry. Even though I'm doing the same thing as them, I really don't like them. I wish they could all go away. Or that I could go to an island that is more isolated where I could see locals in the way they really live... not in this tourist-trap sort of way.

Here's an alpaca. First time seeing one. It's easy to tell if it's an alpaca because it's much smaller than the llama. It's like a mini, furrier llama. It's enslaved as a pet for the tourists, not wild in any means. I actually saw this lil fella spit on a tourist's face when they tried to get too close to it for a picture. I couldn't contain my laughter. Then I realized no one else was laughing with me. I guess getting spit on is a pretty traumatic situation.

The snow-capped Andean mountain range finally emerging from the clouds. When you see the snowy mountains, you realize this giant lake is way up high in the Andes.
My bethelite buddy, Matt, sent me an article recently about an old man from a small village in Lake Titicaca. He is famous because he is the oldest living human on the planet! They say he's 123 years old. Born in 1890. Crazy! Apparently he's still kickin'... asking them his secret.. he says he walks a lot with the animals.. I guess it's true what they say. The short mountain people live the longest.

A smokin' hot Cholita at lake Titicaca... Cholitas are what you call the women who dress in their formal, native attire. They all have the same style.. Skirts, top hats, a formal shirt, and two long pig tails. Respecting the traditions of their ancestors..
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the awe-inspiring Lake Titicaca. Next: Tiwanaku


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  1. We found long-lived people in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I think it's a mountain valley. IDK why they live so long either.