Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saturdays with Eulterio

Saturday mornings now are a time of the week I really look forward to.
A few weeks ago the sisters found a man on the side of the road in the campos who was very interested in studying and coming to the meetings. His name is Eulterio. He lives an hour and a half away by foot in the campos.
He already came to the meeting once and now we take the trip to his house on Saturday to study with him.

Here are some photos from the last trip we took to study with Eulterio!

The road to get to Eulterio's house. It's a hike that's for sure.. walking over dried up rivers and mountain footpaths.
We visit the houses we pass by on the way. This cattle farmer was very kind. He couldn't hear very well, he was almost deaf, unless you yelled directly into his ear.

Next, Natali and I met David. He's Eulterio's neighbor. And his eyes lit up when he saw all the photos in the "Escuche a Dios" brochure. He loved it and said he wants to read the whole thing. We will stop by his house again next time we study with Eulterio.

Our little tour guide. After our visit with him, David was more than willing to lead the way to help us get to Eulterio's house.
Finally reaching the house in the campos. After about an hour and a half, we finally made it.
There he is, right where we were expecting him. He doesn't have a cell phone. So there's no way to confirm beforehand, to study or not. We just took the trip out based on his word. He said we should come on Saturday to study and that's what we did.
They were so kind. Giving us a rice soup with potatoes. You are always cautious... to eat from a house in the campo. #yolo.. we did it anyway. Hope I won't regret it.

Here we are. After a nice study using the Bible Teach book at Eulterio's home.
Every Saturday morning is a highlight of the week. Walking into the middle of nowhere to study with this man is fun and an awesome experience.


  1. Wow, I love this post, it really captures the spirit of what you are doing! Good job!

  2. Very nice photos, thanks for sharing

  3. Wow Jason this is epic so beautiful that you are getting to experience Jehovah's gracious loving kindness in the middle of nowhere He makes sure this man will benefit from the good news. And to put yourself out to be used this way is beyond amazing ... More effort more blessings! I hope Shawn and I will get to experience something close to this one day. Miss you and love ya like a brother !!